Ziyean Restaurant

Established since 1980, Zi Yean Restaurant offers the finest cuisine at affordable prices. With Master Fok leading the kitchen, Zi Yean restaurant has been a food paradise and aimed at giving you a wonderful eating experience.

Chef Fok Wing Tin who has honed his cooking skills in the China SAR for many years, has basic values when it comes to Cantonese cuisine.

Unusual but creative items such as steamed beef balls with orange peel showcases the creativity and flair of the chef to include uncommon dishes into his repertoire.

With more than 35 years of experience in providing delicious Cantonese gourmet dishes to diners worldwide you can be rest assured of a sumptuous and enjoyable dining experience.

Please enjoy the food and if there is any special dishes you may request we will do our best to surprise you!

Have a nice meal!

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